Spark Esports & Entertainment to add merch brand AEVA to its’ umbrella

August 10th, 2020 – Lincoln, NE, USA

We here at Spark Esports & Entertainment have been hard at work, making moves and eyeing potential areas of the Esports and traditional markets that we can get involved within. Today we are very happy to announce our entrance into the merchandise and lifestyle apparel industry.

Spark is pleased to announce that we have reached a strategic agreement to bring merchandise and lifestyle brand “AEVA” under the Spark umbrella, which will be focusing primarily on merchandise and lifestyle apparel catering to esports, influencers/entertainers, and lifestyle apparel lovers.

Tristin Chambers, CEO of Spark Esports & Entertainment, commented on this acquisition stating “Lifestyle merch and apparel are something I truly have a deep love and admiration for. Streetwear is rapidly becoming part of our daily lives, whether you are a sports, gaming, music or movie lover. With AEVA under Spark, it is a way for us to help not just our clients, but also individuals and brands around the world with growing their brand through personal collections, etc. I am truly happy to welcome AEVA and Klurious to the Spark family”

Klurious, the owner of AEVA, commented on this acquisition stating “Working with Tristin & Spark Esports & Entertainment is definitely an opportunity I wouldn’t pass on, & the potential we have together is only limited by our imaginations. AEVA Collective will be a step in the right direction regarding apparel, working with our community to give them what they want & need when it comes to a favorite brand”

About Spark Esports & Entertainment:

Spark Esports & Entertainment is a diversified esports and entertainment holdings company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their plan is to build an esports ecosystem with global reach that will include long-term projects in the digital entertainment and gaming industries, along with building and managing startups across multiple industries.

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