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What is Spark Esports & Entertainment?

Spark Esports & Entertainment is a diversified esports and entertainment holdings company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our plan is to build an esports ecosystem with global reach that will include long-term projects in the digital entertainment and gaming industries.

  • We create and manage startups that cater to emerging markets, such as Esports, entertainment, sports, technology & more.
  • We provide the best, most comprehensive & successful marketing and business strategies for companies, brands, influencers, and more around the globe.

Awaken Militia

Founded in 2013, Awaken is an organization with some of the best talent in Esports competing & making entertainment in multiple games.

Exonia Media Group

Exonia is a full-service photography, video production, & media company that specializes in next-gen social, interactive content & more globally.

Legacy Pro League

Legacy is a semi-pro franchise league for players of all kinds and teams who want to represent cities & compete at a high level.

Creators Page

Creators Page is a leading talent management & content entertainment collective, working with influencers, players & more.

Level21 Media

Level 21 is a full-service content, media & marketing company working with brands, influencers, & more develop, thrive, and succeed.


Annex is a social media & technology platform made to share content, build and grow an audience, along with developing unique tech solutions.

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